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Wedding Hairstyles: What Hairstyle Is Best For You?

  So, you’re nearing your wedding and the test run of your hairstyle; you’ve picked the hair stylists, now it’s time to pick the style. Below are a few tips to make sure you pick the right ‘do’ for your big day! When you start planning your wedding, consider how you will want your hair….

You Went to the Wedding Show..Now What?

  OK you went to the Bridal Show.  You were malled by vendors.  You saw so many dresses you cannot even remember which one you liked. You ate way more cake than you should have.  Your head is still spinning and the show was last weekend!  AHHHHH!  Do you feel overwhelmed?   I thought Bridal…

How to Create a Backup Plan for an Outdoor Wedding

You have always dreamed of your wedding being in a beautiful garden, or down by the lake everthing is perfect. NOT. I hate to break it to you that there is a fifty/ fifty chance it will rain. It may or it may not, so dream of the perfect wedding but have a back up plan just in case. Better safe than Sorry!

Your Relationship-How Wedding Planning CAN Make it Better!

Yes, getting married is about starting a new life together. But the wedding is much more than an event in which you officially become husband and wife. Planning a wedding together is one of your first and biggest relationship steps. It is an opportunity for your relationship to grow and flourish, but it will also challenge and test you as couple.

Wedding Vendor Contracts Make Sure You Understand What You Sign

Contracts are binding legal document that are to be taken very seriously. Unfortunately in my business of Wedding Planning I get my fair share of Brides that come to me with contracts signed and they really have no clue as to what they signed up for. Don’t be that deer in headlights, know what you are signing!